Alex Farkas

Veterinary Assistant

Alex has always loved animals and knew that she wanted a career in the veterinary profession. When their family dog was hit by a car and died, she wished that she could have done more to help him sooner. Alex decided to start a career that would allow her to help other animals, she always felt that there was more that she could to for them.

Alex grew up in the small town of Wonder Lake, IL with her mother, brother and sister.

Alex joined Franksville Veterinary Clinic in October of 2016. Prior to joining the clinic she worked as a groomer. She enjoys being part of the solution to help solve their health problems.

She has a 3 year old Terrier Mix named Daisy. She met Daisy when she was driving to work one day. Daisy was standing by the road at the top of a hill. Alex slowed down to see what the dog was doing and if anyone was around. After Daisy almost got hit by a semi-truck, Alex picked her up and was able to contact her owner. The owner said that they didn’t want the dog and were getting rid of her. Alex adopted Daisy and has given her a loving home.

In Alex’s spare time she enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with her boyfriend Nat, and Daisy.