Tileya Sanders

Veterinary Assistant

Tileya has had a soft spot for animals her whole life. Growing up she wasn’t able to have pets. Her mother recognized her love for animals and took her to the zoo every Saturday. Tileya looked forward to these weekly trips so she could visit her beloved animals.

Tileya was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister.

Tileya attended Milwaukee Career College where she earned a certificate as Veterinary Assistant. She joined the Franksville Veterinary Clinic in May of 2015. She wants to continue to be the best Veterinary Assistant she can be. Her plans include continuing her education and working toward her Certified Veterinary Technician’s license.

She loves helping pets and seeing the smiles on our client’s and employee’s faces. She knows she will always have a good day at work with her Franksville Veterinary Family.

Tileya is married and has 2 cats, Lovey and Kayden. She also has 3 dogs, Gizmo, Chase, and Misses. They all have their own distinct personalities and she loves them all the same, although she admits she is drawn a bit more to cats.

In her free time she enjoys cuddling and playing with her pets. She also enjoys watching action movies and looks forward to a good dinner out or at home.