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Olivia Hansen

Veterinary Assistant

Olivia loves animals and knew at a very young age that working with animals was something that she wanted to do. She started her career in a day clinic and then moved on to work in an E.R. hospital. She missed the relationships that she formed with patients, clients and staff.

She grew up in Racine with her mom, dad and younger sister. Her aunt works in the veterinary field and they share their passion for animals. Olivia enjoys learning and loves that no two animals are alike and that there is always something to learn.

Olivia has two dogs, Lambea and Joey. Lambeau recently joined their family last October. He’s a little guy with a big personality. Joey thinks he’s a lap dog and wants nothing more than to have his belly rubbed.

In her free time, she loves the outdoors. Taking her dogs for a walk and hiking up north.